1. minivinny95's Avatar
    soot hellz yeah
    Can't wait for all the apps to be for 2.0!!
    2008-07-23 11:16 PM
  2. rusty778's Avatar
    Thank god. Ive been avoiding SSH because of the murder it preforms on your battery. Looks like im getting back my icons
    Everytime you dont press THANKS god kills an iPhone(so please save zee the iPhones)
    2008-07-23 11:49 PM
  3. PhoneLine's Avatar
    It was very nice to see this available today. Only thing I am looking forward to down the line is a switch for 3G on/Off for the 3G users. For now though, I can go the long way.
    2008-07-24 12:10 AM
  4. flounder21's Avatar
    Nice!! It just keeps getting better and better!!
    2008-07-24 12:15 AM
  5. loocfa's Avatar
    awesome app
    any confirmation that it does turns off the edge setting, on first gen iphone?
    as the last few days its been using my credit on unwanted edge connection.
    ive used this app on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 in the past and had issues with it staying turned off.
    or if anyone knows a way to edit a file to disable edge for good.
    i know theres been some posts about this in the past, but they never worked for me,and google hasnt helped me this time,
    plus i guess its different now im on 2.0, not much info out there on this topic

    any knowledge would be awesome
    Last edited by loocfa; 2008-07-24 at 12:36 AM.
    3gs 16gb 4.0 pwnagetooled. macbook pro 2.33ghz snow leopard 10.6.3. imac 20" 2ghz snow leopard 10.6.3. and a mini 10 dell for those times when i have to use a pc.
    2008-07-24 12:30 AM
  6. Sp3llz's Avatar
    great update, this is my first ever jailbreak, and I decided to do it on 3g. Glad to see some good updates. Now I just need Snes for 3g
    2008-07-24 07:48 AM
  7. b3nny's Avatar
    my bossprefs dock won't scroll left and right, i can only see the first 4 apps. the other are apps ARE on the dock though, i can see them when i go to the add or remove dock apps page. PLUS, when on add/remove dock apps page, i CANNOT change the order of the dock icons (even though the little grips icons ARE present, suggesting the ability to do so like always). anyone else having these problems??? i'm on 2.0.1 2G iphone

    UPDATE: okay, i figured out the scroll thing. you must grab between apps in order to scroll... if you begin dragging left or right, starting on an app icon, the dock will not move. you have to grab the little space between... i'm pretty sure bossprefs wasn't like this on 1.1.4. i've always used the dock feature with more than 4 icons and i've never had a problem scrolling. ever. Still can't get the little order change grips to work...
    Last edited by b3nny; 2008-08-15 at 10:14 AM.
    2008-08-15 09:34 AM
  8. jacktaylor73's Avatar
    Before the OS partition was 300MB... Pwnage changes this to 500 MB so you don't have to worry about freeing up disk space anymore. You will never use 500 MB of space for apps...
    really? I thought the OS partition was changed to 500 by Apple in the 2.0 firmware update, because of the release of the AppStore and cause people would have more apps.
    And by the way... I did use up the 500. FAST. I have so much memory used up for apps in the user partition, when I connect my ipod to itunes it says I have just over a gig of "other" in orange.

    Okay, I just realized, almost 800 megs of that is ROMs for emulators (mostly gba...), but still. I have nearly 300 megs of apps in the user partition and only 180 free in the system partition.
    2008-08-15 08:08 PM
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