1. munnyshot's Avatar
    Hey guys--

    I have a jailbroken 1.1.2 iphone with summerboard installed. Its been working great, except that once in awhile a whole page of apps will be blank. Its really strange, because sometimes its the second page, sometimes the third, but all the other pages are unaffected.

    Has anyone seen this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks
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    2008-01-14 08:28 PM
  2. prootZ's Avatar
    Yea, it has happened twice on my 1.1.2 iphone as well. Its not a big deal anyway. Just reboot or start an app
    2008-01-14 09:25 PM
  3. Rustynuts's Avatar
    it happened too mine a few times too, but since if installed the bosstool app and freed up some memory its not done it since, done know if its at all related but try it..
    2008-01-14 09:40 PM
  4. munnyshot's Avatar
    I installed bosstool and moved my apps, but it happened again today... sure its not that big of a problem but its still a pain in the buttocks
    2008-01-18 09:07 PM
  5. kim1406's Avatar
    I was having the same problem too. I guess it was a memory/storage problem, as my iphone was having a total of 72 icons in 5 pages even though I have moved them into the media part. I then ended up with a problem that keyboard is not coming in any app.
    to solve the problem I did a full restore to 1.1.1 then upgrade again to 1.1.2.
    2008-01-19 08:42 AM
  6. karl184's Avatar
    It happened to me once when I installed Iswitcher. Uninstalled it and it has been rock solid for four days already.
    2008-01-23 08:17 AM