1. addertay's Avatar
    Hi there..

    I downloaded Chromium Keyboard by BiggBoss from Cydia and when i rebooted the phone my OS speed seemed to be better.

    At first i thought i was imagining it but typically when i power off the phone fully I had got the swirly thinking logo for at least 5-6 rotations before the phone when black and off.

    Now its done in just a couple. The only thing i installed was Chromium and i had rebooted the phone many times.

    My contacts and switching between different parts of the phone seem a little faster too ( allthough that could just be wishfull thinking)

    for reference im running a 1st gen 16GB with the 2.0 software thanks to Pwnage tool.

    Best Wishes

    2008-07-27 12:06 AM
  2. darkrom's Avatar
    This happened on my 1st gen too. I haven't changed the keyboard on my 3g that I just jailbroke. Interesting...
    2008-07-28 03:02 AM