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  1. markieparkie's Avatar

    This is my first post, so just let me say this community is amazing and so is the iPhone I have had for a week. It's a very impressive bit of kit.

    Anyways, just got a weird problem with iSim. I am using it unregistered as I only had a few contacts on my SIM card which I wanted to clear, however it lets me delete all contacts one by one but it seems to leave 1 contact on the SIM card.
    Even after a lot of deleting it and it disappearing from the list. From loading up the program again it is still there. All other contactd seems to have been deleted except the last one.

    I have rebooted several times also. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and any suggestions on how to resolve it.

    2008-01-20 03:24 PM
  2. jrentzke's Avatar
    That seems like a bug. Maybe go to the site & send them an email from there:
    2008-01-21 09:44 AM