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  1. dugup46's Avatar
    I want to bring this idea up, because I feel it may help donations for these free third party applications that these great individuals make for us. I know there are numerous groups and individuals making third party applications for us, and I would love to come up with a way to donate to all of them, not just one of them. The simple cost of donating to all of them becomes too much, and if you want to donate $5 to all of them - that takes too much time.

    I want to bring up the idea of a Universal Donation Group. The development groups can sign up under a small registration form, and after approved recieve funds on a weekly basis from the group. eq: The UDG recieves $250 in a week and we have 5 groups signed up under the list. Each of the five groups recieves $50.

    Yes I understand some of these dev groups do more than others, so perhaps we could figure out a % plan and give the funds accordingly.

    The #1 problem with the idea of course is to who are we donating these funds to and how do we know they are recieving 100% of the funds donated. So hopefully we could get a few of the administrators from this website to consider this (of course, I think this website should get a % of the donations as well).

    Tell me what you guys think - I'm just trying to throw some arrows in the dark and get funds out to those who help us on a daily basis.
    2008-01-21 06:29 PM