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    I installed bosstool to move things from my sys partition to the media one, so I can have free space for my applications.
    I clicked on relocate fonts button, and the application successfully moved my fonts (it said I have 80 MB free on my sys partition). But now, my iPhone cannot get to the first menu (with the 'slide to unlock' slider). When it boots, it shows the apple logo, and right after that the rotating circle, but cannot reach the main menu (my presumption is that it reaches the main menu, but cannot show it to me because of the ****** up fonts).

    I can connect to the phone with a file browser. I would like to undo the moving done by BossTool, but don't know exactly what it did.

    I can see the fonts moved on the new location (/var/fonts/), and also, I can see they are still located on the old location (/private/var/fonts/ ; I presume this is their real location?).

    Please help me, I am in big crap right now with this

    I am have no intention to brag, but I really need your advice on this, guys. I am prepared to upgrade to 1.2.0 if I don't fix this, but I would really like to try to fix it. And I am short on time (I need a working phone asap).
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