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    Hi after having major problems with my Touch I restored it, most things are working but when i go into TotalCommander to transfer roms, bios, files etc i cant access the Applications Directory and every other folder except for ITunes_Control and Media. It just places me staright into the Media Folder. Ive tried looking around in mobilefinder but it just shows the Media folder again ugh. I really need help. Thanks
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    did u rejailbreak it after the restore?

    whoops, I see u are using mobile finder, so u must have already jailbroken the phone. Sometimes after u restore and resync, itunes copies corrupted files from the mobilesync folder and so u will continue to have problems even after a restore. The only way i found to correct this is to choose 'setup as new iphone' instead of restore from backup
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    I havnt resynced yet i have been trying to put all apps on first

    EDIT: When i got into Squid I can see every folder but when i go into iBrickr, IphoneBrowser or TotalCommander on the computer they dont show
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