1. n0m0n's Avatar
    Yesterday for a brief moment I notice a app called Advanced Preferences.
    Later in the day I went to look for it again and its gone.
    Does anyone know what source or where I can get this app?

    I found a nice app called extended preferences which is rather nice and is stable but I was hoping to try to compare as to which serves my needs/wants better.

    2008-01-24 02:06 PM
  2. khil's Avatar
    Hi n0m0n,

    i cant find working sources for either of them,
    just wondering did you find a working source for extended preferences?? or did you install it manually?because i found info on how to do it manually but i dont want to risk it.

    i would just really like to have the battery% feature on the top bar thingo.


    nevermind - i found the extend preferences - by blackwolf

    source: http://m8an.de/ownrisk.xml

    worked good for me - i tested most things and i really only wanted it for the battery% setting.

    found in

    if i find advanced preferences, will let you know.
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    2008-01-25 12:31 PM