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  1. knarfsays's Avatar
    Is there away to completely remove an installed application?

    For instance, i uninstalled Touchpad, but then reinstalled it, and it still had all my previous data.

    Is there a registry in the iPhone that i can clean?

    Is there an equivalent Application Data directory like in WinXP that programs use?

    This question also relates to my other question:

    Thanks for the help!
    2008-08-03 09:35 PM
  2. KooLLaiD's Avatar
    I would also like to know this.
    2009-07-24 10:27 PM
  3. jeffc123's Avatar
    Did you ever find out how to completely remove all data? I have an app that I have tried to delete in the normal fashion (pressing the app until the little X shows up) as well as SSHing into the device through CyberDuck to delete the app. Even though I have done this many times when I reinstall the app all my preferences and settings are the same. Somewhere in the iPhone it is hanging on to this information. Any ideas?
    2009-11-18 06:07 PM