1. ultimatexpka's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken 1.1.3 iphone.. and ever since i jailbroke 1.1.3 my edge logo wont show anymore on the taskbar...

    mail works
    safari works
    sms works
    all other internet related applications work except

    Youtube... It wont work everytime i load it THROUGH EDGE it will keeps saying
    "YouTube videos require an EDGE or Wi-Fi connection."

    i dont know how to fix it...

    and when i connect it thought wifi it works fine but if i connect it though edge it wont work...

    and also iToggle dosent show the phone on and off option just the edge on 1.1.3
    2008-01-29 06:20 AM
  2. aglitch's Avatar
    are you able to edit your edge setting in the settings menu?
    youre not unlocked are you?
    2008-01-29 10:17 AM
  3. atlking's Avatar
    i have the same problem......edge internet, stocks, weather.....did not try you tube, but no "E" icon......looking for answers.........help
    2008-01-30 06:48 AM
  4. gsxr600wheelin's Avatar
    my iphone is acting up!!! i connect to my wifi i enter my password and it wrks but when im done with installing a app from installer or leave me my phone unused for not even 5 min my wifi asked for my password again and it wont work then i have to soft reset then go and put password again
    !!! im 1.1.3 ever since i jail broken my phone hasnt been able to save my password please help!!
    2008-01-30 07:06 AM
  5. acer1981's Avatar
    I had the same problem and u have it because u upgraded to 1.1.3 from 1.1.1, u need to downgrade to 1.1.1 again then upgrade to 1.1.2 , then 1.1.3 and the edge symbol will be there....... I also noticed that the speed seems to be there but just not the symbol, also notice what happens when u try youtube , it says u need to be on edge to watch youtube lol... hope this helped
    2008-01-30 11:26 AM
  6. atlking's Avatar
    there has to be an easier way than going back down then upgrading twice....then reinstalling apps and setting up contacts.....
    2008-01-31 06:58 AM
  7. acer1981's Avatar
    there has to be... and there prolly is, but i couldnt find it, i tried edge fixed from installer that didnt work, and i tried changing the baseband via ssh, which resulted in a "connect to itunes" error...
    2008-01-31 12:07 PM
  8. dj_myk's Avatar
    I am having the exact same issue on 1.1.2

    I was on 1.1.1 and everything was fine, you tube worked from edge when i was out and about

    However when i was out today i tried to acces you tube to watch a video. and it came up with the, you must be connected to edge or to a wifi network.

    I did a upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

    the edge icon is kinda there, its a just a blue box, with no E in it.

    There is also NO edge setting under the network bit in general, however I can access the web and also my e-mail.

    I am a based in the Uk and using an O2 sim card, on a US unlocked and jail broken 1.1.2 phone.

    any ideas

    2008-01-31 03:19 PM
  9. JenBell's Avatar
    Did everyone use the nate true method or the dev team's?

    I used the nate true method...I will downgrade/upgrade my iPhone this weekend and use the dev team method...
    2008-01-31 04:54 PM
  10. LFCLFCLFC's Avatar
    I have the same message of 'YouTube videos require an EDGE or Wi-Fi connection'.
    I am on Orange in the UK and everything else works, including EDGE with Google maps and Navizon Locate Mev feature.

    Does anyone know if its possible to get YouTube to work with Orange PAYG without a WiFi connection(basically anywhere)??

    Thanks in advance
    2008-02-07 12:51 PM