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    We are trying to make a speech aid on an iPod Touch for our sister/daughter who can't speak. She now uses a palmtop that's very slow, clumsy and often crashes (windows ce...).
    We put lighttpd on it in order to access locally stored files, and made htmls that kind of look like a default start screen of an iPod Touch: 5 x 4 icons. What we want is that if an icon is clicked, either a sound is played instantly, or a new screen of 5 x 4 icons is opened.
    The graphics is no problem at all (iPod Touch is sooo cool!!), but whatever kind of javascript we tried, Safari will either open Quicktime to play the sound or it won't play the sound at all.
    Does anyone know a trick to play a sound instantaniously within Safari, when one of the icons is being clicked on??
    Or does anyone know of an iPod Touch app that enables us to do what we want???
    Kind regards,
    AJ & Jaap

    2008-08-10 04:14 PM
  2. jakecigar's Avatar
    Safari won't do it. all sound goes to Quicktime, with the extra step requiring an extra click. I spent many hours trying! the best I could get was 2 clicks to play a sound in Quicktime. Nothing like a full computer!

    the language of choice is Objective C. -- with free itunes under the puppy!
    If I help you out, please press THANKS!

    3g QuickPWN'ed with 2.1
    2008-08-10 07:18 PM
  3. topaj's Avatar
    Hi jakecigar,

    Thanks for your answer! I'll go and talk with the professional programmers at my job (I'm a humble mechanics engineer ;-) )
    Maybe it's best to write a simple app.
    Kind regards,
    2008-08-10 07:59 PM
  4. topaj's Avatar
    I've found the solution!
    1. Download the erica utilities, that package contains play, and playaudio.
    2. Install php, and lighttpd
    3. Create a php-file with this contents, and place it in your document root:
    $playcmd = "play ".$_GET['url'];
    Go to this url:

    4. You will hear a sound!
    2008-08-12 08:54 AM