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    More and more people are fascinated by the charm of iPod. Almost everybody have one. Then, new problem emerges up. A family usually has two or more iPods but only owns one computer. Each time they plug their iPod to computer, iTunes automatically start to sync. With carelessness, their music collection will be covered or lose. Everybody hates losing his precious collection. Here is a solution.
    Aniosoft iTunes Backup is a small and easy-to-use utility for iTunes users. It enables you to backup your iTunes library with high speed. Extreme high speed and beautiful user interface let you backup iTunes with ease. The powerful features and unbeatable price make Aniosoft iTunes Backup an affordable and convenient solution to avoid unwished sync problem on personal computer.

    With Aniosoft iTunes Backup, you can:

     Backup your own iTunes library on a public computer, so that several iTunes libraries can coexist in one computer. This means that your family will not worry about the problem of iTunes library being covered.
     Restore your iTunes music if your computer cracks or your iTunes library is covered or cleared. You can burn the backup files to DVD or put them in some USB flash driver to store them.
     Import iTunes library backup files from another computer, which allows you share music with your friends.

    Features include:

     Suited for both veterans and beginners
     Automatically check the current iTunes library
     Easy-to-use user-friendly interface
     Extreme fast speed
     One-click operating
     Backup several iTunes libraries in one computer and you can easily switch between them.
     Restore the lost iTunes music.
     Import iTunes library backup from DVD, USB flash driver, etc.
     Update iTunes backup folders with current iTunes library
    2008-08-11 04:31 AM