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  1. bnels2348's Avatar
    Does anyone have software to access my sim contacts on my iphone?
    Its a 1st generation but running 2.0 firmware. I had it on my old iphone when I was running 1.1.4.
    Any information would be helpful
    2008-08-13 10:31 PM
  2. Mp3Supply's Avatar
    ive googled many times on how to export the contacts on the phone, but i personally havent been succesful. I know you can IMPORT from a SIM card, but exporting...

    Since it syncs with outlook and exchange servers, unless you have a CSV file to import into outlook your kinda SOL.

    If it exists, i hope/want someone to prove me wrong. If not, someone should write an app to export your contacts in your phone to CSV file or other file type and allow you to do somthing with it, email.. it.. email just the text. .
    2008-08-13 11:13 PM