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    I was trying to jailbreak my itouch today and somewhy its not working for me. Right now, its jailbroken 1.1.4. I have the latest itunes.

    First I used WinPWN RC1. I used the 2.0 firmware. Then I made the builder, etc.

    Well the problem is, when I put my itouch in DFU mode by turning off the ipod and holding power/home for 10sec then letting go of the power and holding for an extra 10sec. My computer detects the DFU mode, but then after a few sec, the iphone goes into recovery mode.

    So I can't get it to stay in DFU mode so that I can restore the itouch with the custom 2.0 firmware.

    Please help! Thanks!
    2008-08-14 06:25 AM

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