1. cheezy's Avatar
    First off I LOVE Homebrewing stuff. iPod, iPhone, Wii, PS3 ect. So I have many questions about the Quake app.

    1. I have custom PAK0 and PAK1 files that have the clear water mod installed, but it doesn't work on iPod. Any way to enable the clear water?

    2. Instead of having to add and swich the "config" file every time you want a new mod or cheat or something, is there a way to keep them all on there and enable them when needed?

    3. (This is on most peoples minds) Is their a mod or an update expected in the next few days that will allow a keyboard. I WANT ONLINE!

    4. Any mod or custom file that allows a game pad instead of a landscape view?

    5. Are there any other mods out besides the TF mod?

    6. When (or if they already are) will we be able to add custom maps, weapon mods, ect?


    2008-08-18 08:14 AM