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    Ok, This is probably the 3rd thread I've nagged about this on, so I guess I'll make it it's own now.

    About 3 days ago, I DEV'd up to a 1.1.3 JB. I started downloading apps pretty quickly, and remembered that I kinda liked advanced preferences [or was it extended at the time? mmph.] Anywoo, I installed it, turned on all the good stuff...such as:

    battery tap percentage level, wifi tap signal strength, fake time string...etc. I then went into "touch" just to figure out what it does since there is no explanation. I turned the switch to "ON" and put all the sliders up all the way to see what they did. I didnt notice anything, and I realized that the battery and wifi features were just slowing my phone down, so I uninstalled withoutturning off the Touch feature and shutdown.

    From when i rebooted, up until now, Wherever on my screen I touch, the iPhone's screen detects it as 2 or 3 millimeteres higher. I know this doesn't sound like a HUGE deal at firrst, but in a few days...having to aim for a lower letter on the keypad just to type the word "hello" can drive you insane.

    So, ultimately, I'm looking for a manual install of Advanced Preferences by Blackwolf since his site is down, AND touchrepo is down as well. Just my luck, right?

    Please heeeelp!!
    2008-02-06 02:58 AM