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    NOTE: I take no credit for the custom config files allowing you to play online!!!

    I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to post quake4iphone servers ONLY! The reason being, if you get on a site that shows active Quake servers, you usually need a custom map pack of some sort which quake4iphone cannot support yet. It would also be unfair for PC gamers to play against iPhone gamers. (Wonder who would win )

    I will keep up with the most active quake4iphone servers and post them on the front of this thread. I would also be very thankful if you guys could throw me a line and message about which servers are most active. That way it would save me time and the servers could get posted faster.

    Hope you guys like the idea!!!

    What's that? Don't know how to setup online play!?!?

    Head over to one of the following two links to learn how!

    MY Video Tutorial

    Original Creator's ZodTTD Thread

    ---------------SEVER LIST---------------

    As of right now since they aren't any "iPhone Only" servers...
    Click HERE to view a large list of active servers!
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