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    I am in the process of jailbreaking my 2nd iPhone. On my first I have a flawlessly running 1.1.3 with all th ebells and whistles working.

    I am in the process of replicating what I did on my phone for my son and am in my third restore. Each time teh jailbreak works perfectly until I install Summerboard. The minute i do that the phone freezes up and power down leaves it hanging at the apple logo. What is interesting is when I ssh into the phone- there are no apps! The first time i did move apps and all with Boss tool and thought that was the issue, the second time I did not do that so i probably ran out of space - guessing here. This time I am very reluctant to even trying to install Summerboard. Would it work if I manually SSH it into the phone?

    FWIW, his is an OOB 1.1.3 and mine was upgraded from 1.0.2, but the jailbreak is working fine and other apps too. Just when I install Summerboard it screws things up. Help please?


    I had forgotten I needed to install SUmmerboard BEFORE updating Installer. That was posted all over the place last week but havent seen anything aobut that recently and I forgot about that. His OOB 1.1.3 has everything working right now except Mobile Chat which I have functioning on mine. I did teh same fix but it doesnt seem to work on the OOB. The file structures seem to behave diiferently in the oob 1.1.3. I can t access the Applications folder from the main root folder. No biggie, he can use Meebo.
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