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    Hope this helps some folks. I noticed alot of people give smart answers when people ask for help with safari download plugin such as use the internet at home, etc. But not everyone has internet at home. I use 3g iphone so i do everything on the fly, at work in the car. So i like to download ipa mp3's then transfer to my cpu via iphonebrowser later. Alot of ipa and mp3 sites use rapidshare so heres a fix i figured out......

    Alot of times when u use rapidshare it says the download session has timed out. I'm not 100% sure but i believe its cuz the phone or sometimes touch loses the connection or something like that. So what i do is go to the rapidshare site of the download i want, so it gives me the option free or premium. Before i select one i open a new page in safari, then i go to seeqpod.com and download any song, the longer the better. When this download begins i switch back to the rapidshare page then click free. The timer will begin and when its done u click to start the download and it should go to the safari download page. U should then click download.

    I know its alot to go through but trust it works and if u really need to download from rapidshare and are having problems this is ur way. If u r not having problems then great. Also if anyone knows how to download from megaupload ir zshare let me know cuz it always downloads a really small file are says safari cannot download this file.

    Thanks in Advance....
    2008-08-22 12:06 AM
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    thank you very much, works like a charm :tup:

    should help with any situation where you keep "timing out". I'm shocked that this didn't get more responses
    2008-12-09 07:47 PM
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    I'm trying to downloadl rapidshare files onto my iPhone

    I was also unable to add cydia.hacklo.us.com/ To my cydia

    Please help!!!!

    I need to get ********** on my iPhone
    Can anyone help me do that?

    I'm running on a 1st gen 4 gig iPhone

    Hacklo.us never gets added to sources
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    2009-01-25 05:18 AM