1. jaf2's Avatar
    Ok, same problem here : used to work before that *** upgrade, and now kate ask me to desinstall winterboard...

    I tryed to change the name of the folder "Winterboard.app" to another one (like "Winterboard2.app") and now facelift is working, but not winterboard (still appears in the springboard, but even if i choose a theme, after respring there's no apply of it, just facelift

    If someone can try to make a fix that's would be great!!!
    2008-08-22 04:14 PM
  2. nickh's Avatar
    I just had the same email. Good news!
    2008-08-22 04:15 PM
  3. dellmelo's Avatar
    it also worked perfectly for me before the update, this is total ********
    same there.
    RipDev (Andrey) told me to drop my theme here:


    and select it in FaceLift.
    2008-08-22 05:31 PM
  4. dr33Rocks's Avatar
    I have started a new thread titled "Kate---buyer beware" to specifically bring attention to this matter since we have sort of strayed away from the original intent of this thread. If you have anything to add about ripdev's update, please do it there and hopefully more people with see it. I hope this is okay with the original thread starter, if not let me know.
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    2008-08-22 08:49 PM
  5. bbplayer5's Avatar
    I don't understand your post. What is working perfectly, winterboard AND kate, or just kate by itself? If both, have you updated your kate in the last couple of days?
    Kate is, sorry. Winterboard is not installed.
    2008-08-22 09:09 PM
  6. jaf2's Avatar
    same there.
    RipDev (Andrey) told me to drop my theme here:


    and select it in FaceLift.
    Works, but a lot of functions that were in winterboard are not : the folders "Folders", "UIImages" and their contents, and also the file "info.plist"...

    And for me, the status bar not working, even if i activate it in facelift (springboard theme --> Themes --> Status Bar
    Do i have to rename my "StatusBar.png"?? Dont know...
    2008-08-22 09:42 PM
  7. SAO's Avatar
    anyone having slowdown issues since they installed the new version of Kate (Kate2.0) ?

    seems like my iphone is really slowed down and laggy.
    2008-09-27 11:57 PM
  8. equlizer's Avatar
    dont flame me, but why do you want kate anyways? Is there something in kate you cant get in cydia?
    2008-09-28 01:38 AM
  9. jj22e's Avatar
    from RipDev team...i tried this, reinstalled using QuickPwn and everything showed up

    You need to delete installer's database. So delete file: /var/mobile/Library/Application Support/Installer/Installer.db and reinstall all needed applications.

    HOWEVER, now it all shows up and i can select privacy settings, but nothing happens, text still show preview
    2008-11-28 09:12 PM
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