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    Hi all. Well I'm just looking for some help, I'm new to this whole pwn and jailbreaking thing, i have a 3G iPhone with firmware 2.0.1 pwned and i did this so i could get themes, customiz sounds, but specially the background wallpaper and dock. The thing is that I installed Customize from Cydia installer it is Customize v 2.1.1 and well it just doesnt work, i downloaded the Leopard theme, went to the bottom clicked apply and got to the ome screen and.. nothin... downloaded tons of other thems and same problem, also when i want to customie a single thing and tap in "customize images/sounds" and select something for example dock/something/apply it gives me some Copy Result error. What can i do?! help please! thanks!
    2008-08-22 11:29 PM
  2. Sirius389's Avatar
    Customize doesn't do the wallpaper not sure about dock. For that you need to download Winterboard, after you download Winterboard you have to reboot your phone or the themes wont work. then download themes for winterboard from Cydia. Winterboard can customize almost any image on the phone, for example with a theme i downloaded it actually came with a battery skin, sliders and badges. im not to familiar with customize, i dont use it all that much. hope i helped a little bit
    2008-08-23 07:08 PM

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