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    Yes it is ready but the developer has to some problems importing the downloaded songs directly to the music library because of some new security checks in the iphone firmware 2.0. But in the meantime he will come up with an app that will let you listen to the downloaded music just like islsk would. I personally hope he releases this very soon and finds a way to fix this issue.

    Looks like the recent iSlsk releases for 1.1.x is making people think that I forgot about 2.0 firmware. The answer to all your questions is YES, iSlsk for 2.0 is ready. Why didn’t I release it then?

    Like I clearly said on previous posts regarding 2.0 firmware, there is no current way of importing your downloaded music to your music library because Apple got all bitchy about that, and put a way harder security checks to not allow me, nor any other third parties, to mess with the damn music library on 2.0 (so they can force you all to use a crappy software called “iTunes”). So it would have been pointless to release a software to download music directly onto your iPhone if you can’t do anything with that downloaded music until you move it to your computer (which kinda defeats the main purpose of iSlsk).

    Yes, I know, I put a feature to listen to a preview of each song on latest 1.1.x releases. But that was put there for what it is actually for: to listen to a *preview*. You cant to use it for conventional playback purposes, as it would be the ugliest way to do it.

    The above said doesn’t mean I won’t release it until the new security checks are cracked. Because I don’t know when will this happen, I decided to find a solution by myself, and that is how a new project was born. What I’m doing is creating a new application that will let you listen to your downloaded music the same way you would do it if you were able to import it to the music library.

    iSlsk for 2.0 may get released before I finish this mp3 player basic functionality, or may get released along with it. My personal deadline is to get “something” out before September.

    Stay tuned, and thanks everyone for your patience.
    2008-08-24 09:14 PM
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    man i can not wait for this! i hope there is a way to filter ur results so you get only music and not jpeg files and all that nonsense.
    2008-08-26 05:33 AM