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    Have searched with no success. Therefore, this thread.

    Prior to Version 2 OS iPhone there was an 80 application limit which was patched by Summerboard to allow more.

    What about after Version 2.0? Does that 80 application limit still exist and does winterboard patch it?

    Bottom line is I am running into constant freezes upon reboot. I have 83 applications installed. Obviously, many just for testing. You only see the problem when you need to reboot the iPhone. You merely see the Apple Logo forever. At least in 1.1.4 you could SSH in and delete some apps to recover. Now it appears you can't do that either. Of course, all this is relevant if and only if version 2 has the same limit of the number of native applications it can use at one time without the OS being patched.

    Anyone have any real knowledge about this?

    2008-08-28 05:51 PM
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    You can still SSH into your phone in 2.0 if you are jailbroken. Just install Open SSH as you did before. As far as the app limit I'm not sure how it works. The Cydia installed (jailbreak) apps are placed in a separate directory than app store apps first off. What I have heard is that there is a provision for up to 9 pages on the springboard so that would be 144 apps but im not positive. i will say that the more apps I have installed, the longer my boot time is. My phone takes about 45 seconds regularly to boot. and I have only 55 apps installed currently.
    2008-08-28 08:08 PM
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    I believe that some variation of this limit is what is causing problems for a lot of folks.

    My experience is that if I have more than 78 or 79 apps installed in my /var/mobile/Applications folder, I will get stuck on the boot screen if I attempt to use Cydia or SSH to install something in the /Applications folder. Even before I jailbroke, it seemed that once I got in that range of installed Apps, the likelihood of crashing was very high if I attempted to update via the AppStore on the phone. So far, however, I seem to be able to install higher numbers than that if I do it through iTunes (ver 7.7). As I increase above that, those installations or updates get quite slow, so for now, I've decided to stay below 79 apps in that folder. So far, so good.

    Also, I think version 7.7.1 of iTunes is EVIL. I had nothing but problems until I downgraded and NONE since.

    Here's a link to what I think is a great analysis of the problem, as well as the best workaround I've seen:

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    2008-08-28 10:12 PM
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    I want to thank DaveiPhone for sharing that link above. When I read it, the post described my problem in such precise terms it was uncanny. I have spent the last 3 days trying to resolve this. I am lucky I am retired because I have spent all of my awake hours each of the last 3 days dealing with this problem. I took this problem and escalated it a number of times with Apple Customer support level 2. Finally, I found a representative who was really tech savvy and could understand the significance of this problem.

    Please understand......EVERYONE who has system 2.0 or above is affected by this problem. That is, if they have many applications and/or very large applications the problem is a very real one. No installation procedure being as careful as you want to be will solve this problem. The only option we now have is either the work around discussed in the link OR we are limited to the number of applications we can install. We also are limited by the size of the applications. So if you, like me, had 83 applications you would be doomed to eventual unsuccessful rebooting. If you had Super Monkey Ball and other large programs installed in addition to the large numbers I had, then you are doubly doomed. A user can not fix this problem. It can only be fixed either by Apple for those who do not jailbreak or by the software development team if you jailbreak your phone. But currently, as far as I know we do not have a fix for this issue.

    I have reduced the number of installed apps to 32 for now. I have not installed Super Monkey Ball even knowing my wife will kill me once she finds out. But I also know she wants a reliable device so I know she will ultimately understand.

    I have shared the above thead the link refers to with Apple and hopefully Apple will understand that this is no small issue. This affects each user currently. The tech savvy representative understands the importance of this and is going to immediately escalate this to engineering fully describing why this is an important issue.

    Thank gawd for the people here who share good knowledge. I just hope we get a fix soon. Then we can start to see the potential for the iPhone to take off.

    2008-08-29 03:22 AM