1. blakmoon91's Avatar
    I was curious if anyone has gotten Squidge to work on the 3G iphone or not. I have been able to load it onto the system however when I go to launch the app you see a screen load and fly towards you and it dumps you back at the home screen. I believe the application was written for v1 firmware but I wanted to check it with you guys as well. What do you think? I have the folder permissions correct but on the application all I see is a white icon. I saw somewhere that a version 0.3 was out there floating around out there, I have version 0.1.
    2008-08-30 07:16 PM
  2. Renblade's Avatar
    What is this "Squidge.app" that you speak of?
    2008-08-30 07:58 PM
  3. blakmoon91's Avatar
    Thanks for the follow up, Squidge is a video conference (sort of) hack that was used to take pictures in rapid succession from the camera and upload them to a webserver. It used the telephone number as a unique identifier to communicate back and forth. I have found applications that can capture video from the camera but I don't have anything to upload and download phone to phone. Anyone have any suggestions for a video conference solution for 3G v2 iPhones? Thanks.
    2008-09-03 05:48 PM
  4. buckeye826's Avatar
    still nothing on this?
    2008-11-07 04:42 PM
  5. bmxtreme's Avatar
    if its written for v1, then it will NEVER work in V2...even some v2.0 apps doesn't work in v2.1. how do u suppose yours will work.
    2008-11-09 09:30 AM
  6. alek's Avatar
    not true, you just have to change some code as the file locations and names are slightly changed. Many of the popular 1.0 apps have been changed.

    Only apps that require deep roots (terminal, shh, tethering, finder) may have problems when upgrading but this being a video conferencing app, just records video and sends it, not that hard.

    You just have to find one to fix the code.
    2009-05-30 12:39 AM