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    hi everyone.

    just would like to know if anyone is willing to make a shake the iphone to answer type of app for 2.0.2. I'm going to be getting my dad the iphone 3g this weekend since u finally dont have to order it or anything. he is used to using flip phones and is a mechanic so likes having to just flip the phone open and it answers the call for him.

    the iphone needs you to slide to unlock or hit the answer button. with gloves on or greasy hands it would be difficult for him so i thought why not see if anyone would make a app where he just shakes the phone to answer. i saw some old threads and remember a shake to deny call but nothing to answer. thanx to anyone who is willing to help!

    btw: im getting him a rugged case so it survives the drops and the phone will not get dirty

    i'm pretty sure right now this is in the wrong section. I appoligize for that. was posted in a hurry in between going from university to work. can a mod please move this?
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    That would be interesting, the only issue being that it might automatically answer calls if they were in a pocket or something.

    On a side note, being that you dad is a mechanic, I recommend one of the sticker skins that you cover the entire phone with. The name escapes me at the time, but it is great and probably NECESSARY if he is going to answer the thing with greasy hands.
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    Nice idea
    2008-09-06 09:38 PM