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    Does anyone know if I backup a program, does it save the whole app? or just settings?

    I'm asking this because I frequently get errors when updating apps through iTunes. When I update the app then try to sync to update it on my iPhone, I get an 0xE8000001 error. In turn the only resolution I found was deleting the app from both my iPhone and iTunes, then redownloading it and resync. This is a problem because it happens to my PocketMoney app and makes me lose all of my entries, payees, balance etc...

    I would like to know if I back up my PocketMoney app from my iPhone, then later when an upgrade comes out and I have to delete both again, will it revert back to the old version number when I restore?


    No one uses AppBackup huh?
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    I actually had this same question. Would be wonderful if it kept all changes you have done to the app. in tact so that updating firms wouldn;t be such an pain in the arse!
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    I decided to email the creator directly. I am awaiting a response and will update asap.
    2008-09-05 04:52 PM
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    When I get the Sync error you mentioned when updating apps, I just sync my phone a second time while it is still connected and the app gets installed. You might give it a try instead of deleting the app.
    2008-09-05 06:52 PM
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    Yeah I have a method of sorts when this happens.

    1. resync
    2. resync again
    3. resync again
    4. delete app from iphone then resync
    5. delete app from itunes then redownload and resync

    Anyway I got a response from Scott and this is what he said, "AppBackup only backs up the settings and other saved information. So if you upgrade an app and then restore through AppBackup, it will put that saved data into the new version."

    I'm happy cuz that's the exact response I was hoping for and I hope it helps others.
    2008-09-05 09:02 PM
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    AppBackup only backs up the data from the application. If you delete an app from your phone and then readd it AppBackup will restore the data. You can also ssh into /var/mobile/Library/AppBackup/ and back that up to your computer. I did a restore as new phone last night and AppBackup was able to restore all of my app store app data.

    EDIT: To be clear, AppBackup does not backup the entire application.
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