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  1. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
    I found this when search through the web for my old favorite games.

    -------------Directly from r4m0n --------
    Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of communication lately...

    So, here are some news: iPhysics is still alive!

    I've just recently (last week) been accepted in Apple's iPhone Development Program, and I'm still going through the paperwork but the thing is, when everything is done, iPhysics is coming to the App Store.

    It's not just the good old iPhysics, there will be a lot of new stuff in the new version, including:

    * Download and organization of levelpacks directly inside iPhysics;
    * Rating and comments on levelpacks;
    * Scoring/Timing of levelpack performance, with online high score table;
    * (Soon, but not at launch) Online flash-based levelpack editor;

    Also, I'll start working with levelpack authors on paid levelpacks, anyone interested in it just get in touch...

    As I'm going official, I'll not be able to keep my repository online for too long, so if someone want to mirror the levelpacks, just contact me... I'll leave iPhysics 1.1 hosted at the MMi repository, and maybe add an Megapack with all levelpacks there too, but I have no idea if iPhysics will still run in the 2.0 firmware... If it doesn't, sorry, but I will not be maintaining it anymore...

    Edit: About the free/paid thing...

    So, the thing is, I may release an free version with a few levelpacks (not many, I don't want the package to be too big, so no way to release one with all current levelpacks) but the version with the online system will not be free...

    I'm still thinking about how much I will charge for it, but most likely I'll go for $9.99. It may sound too much now, but you have to consider the new features, and that there will be new content coming out for it all the time, probably a few dozens per month.

    Hey guys. I just thought I would give you all a small teaser of what you will be seeing soon on the app store! In a few short weeks we will be releasing a free demo of iPhysics for all! This will be our future domain on the internet. There is not much there now, but soon it will be full of all your best times and high scores! For those anxious to have this game on their iPod or iPhone, just know that r4m0n and I are just as anxious, to get it into your hands.
    Hope you guys are just as crazy as i am for this App
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    2008-09-04 10:13 PM
  2. ikitten's Avatar
    I loved it.. but not enough to spend 9.99. I have spent SO much money in the app store and too many disappointments to count.
    2008-09-10 11:15 AM
  3. mike1114's Avatar
    I loved it.. but not enough to spend 9.99. I have spent SO much money in the app store and too many disappointments to count.

    Totally agree....
    2008-09-10 02:46 PM

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