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    iLauncher is cool, but who wants to go into a 2ndary program to launch yet another program

    Launcher would be better if it arranged icons in a grid like spring board does

    so, I tried something

    I backup'd the springboard executable, copied and renamed both iLauncher and Launcher (one at a time of course) and rebooted the phone

    Phone booted, loaded the program i replaced spring board with, but thats all

    no buttons worked, screen didnt respond to touches, no sound, nothing

    (this is all assuming no one has done this stuff before, if this is old news, please disregard)

    Springboard controls a whole hell of alot more than just launching programs (which i think we all knew) but if what i saw, it also controls the basic input of the entire phone, including buttons, touches, etc...

    Maybe its a starting point for someone to work on a springboard replacement ?

    The biggest problem with springboard - IMO - is it cant scroll. i think the grid of 16 icons should scroll vertically, and the bottom bar of 4 should scroll horizontally

    as we see in the mail app and others, you can scroll with a touch and drag and click with just a tap. same could / should be applied to springboard.

    clearly, apple had no intentions of 3rd party apps, which is why springboard doesnt scroll

    anyways, just a thought - something i learned / found - if it is old news, disregard...

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    2007-08-28 01:28 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Good info, hadn't seen it done before. Not sure how useful at the moment, but good info either way.

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    2007-08-30 03:43 AM