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    (the newer 0.9 that goes along with the new features should be in cydia in a few hours) it only shows 0.2 as of now

    Last news from YouArchive.It
    09 Sep 2008 - New WebApp, new iTextUploader, new server!
    Finally, it's here!

    We have just finished moving the site to a new and much more powerful server! We hope now there won't be problems with the site being slow anymore!

    We have also updated the WebApp to version 3. This release includes so many new features that it's impossible to list them all! Here are the most important changes.

    Export messages: you can now export messages from your archive! At the moment, you can chose to download a file compatible with the iPhone (so you can put it in your phone using SSH) or in CSV (Comma Separated Values) to be browsed using a spreadsheet application (like Microsoft Excel). In a not-so-far future, you will be also able to export your custom set of messages and restore them in the phone using iTextUploader, directly within the phone!

    Search messages: this has been our "top secret feature" until the release. You can now search messages using custom keywords!

    All messages feature: when browsing by date, you can now chose to see all the messages sent and received in that day, no matter who sent/received them!

    No more restore files: I think this says everything. Finally, one of the most complicated things of YouArchive.It has been removed!

    Autologin: inserting your username and password every time you log in is boring, isn't it? So, we think you will enjoy this a lot.

    And many more new changes!

    The new WebApp uses a completely new database structure, which is also much faster! So, I hope we won't see a slow site anymore.

    Together with the WebApp, we have updated iTextUploader too, releasing version 0.9! (but only for firmware 2.0)
    As anticipated, iTextUplaoder has been completely rewritten. Together with the new fantastic user interface (which is now tidier as well), you can now access the WebApp directly from iTextUploader, with a single touch! This release is the first step before iTextUploader 1.0, which is under development and will be released soon, with support for restoring messages directly into the phone.

    iTextUplaoder has been submitted to BigBoss and will be available within some hours in his repositories, under the Utilities category.

    We hope you will enjoy these new features!

    Thank you for using YouArchive.It!

    PS: we have now also a new RSS Feed containing all the news from YouArchive.It. I think you will find it useful
    2008-09-10 09:51 AM

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