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  1. G13's Avatar
    so i just installed Riptones from cydia and when i go to use safari it says server cant be reached anyone else having any similar problems
    2008-09-10 06:29 PM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    please post in the correct forum
    2008-09-10 06:40 PM
  3. G13's Avatar
    nothing not a single other person has installed Riptones from Cydia yet
    2008-09-10 07:01 PM
  4. Filo01's Avatar
    i just installed it, doesn't seem to do anything but tell you to go to a website that doesn't work. i know i have safari plugin installed i have dtunes. so it's not just u

    btw is't this a app related discussion?
    2008-09-10 07:08 PM
  5. JAG2621's Avatar
    nothing not a single other person has installed Riptones from Cydia yet
    Hey G13, heard from white widow lately.
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!
    2008-09-10 07:10 PM
  6. G13's Avatar
    lol JAG2621... sure did first time anyone has said anything about my user name...Filo01 ok so its not just me the website provided is not functional..?
    2008-09-10 07:18 PM
  7. sk8er982's Avatar
    which web site does it say to go to? I installed it and nothing was put on my springboard and nothing appears to have changed whatsoever? What did you do?
    2008-09-10 07:49 PM
  8. G13's Avatar
    ok when i installed it it appeared on my springboard as a icon then when you open it it would just give you instructions to go to a website that wasn't even functional if nothing appeared for you i would delete and retry..the website it says to go to is
    2008-09-10 07:54 PM
  9. stlcaddie's Avatar
    From his website......Donations needed ASAP for dedicated server rental. New server can be setup within 10 minutes.

    If you have a server you can use as a mirror, you need: php,mysql,ffmpeg. Email me

    App and file hosting temporarily disabled.


    Currently, the RiPTones application is having permission problems for most users. BigBoss will hopefully have time to fix this, and include it in an update. (Problem is that it never copies the downloaded ringtones)

    Total donations needed: $174 (For the first month, from

    Total paid as of 2:52PM EST: $25
    2008-09-10 07:58 PM
  10. Filo01's Avatar
    i didn't know cydia allowed scams like this? really after those pay to use app we get on there now we have this crap, bleh. At least let us test the app before asking for donations, wat a con
    2008-09-11 07:26 AM
  11. dewdoobrown's Avatar
    how do u unistall this app through ssh? My iphone wont boot to springboard. I still can ssh to it tho! PLease save me from a restore!

    2008-09-11 11:32 PM
  12. abelgoddard's Avatar
    Riptones is a ripoff. Pay or not, the thing is crap. I highly recommend staying away from it.
    2009-01-07 11:11 PM