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    Hey everyone, I was a member of modmymoto and everyone in that community rocked for answering questions and solving people's problems. Now I just bought an iphone(2.0.2) and I unlocked it and jailbroke it no problem. T-mobile works great on it and I have no major problems. But I do have a couple questions that hopefully someone can answer.

    1. Does YouTube only work on wifi? cuz i can watch videos and even download em with mxtube with my sisters wifi but sometimes i cant even load the youtube app with normal edge.

    2. Ok what is the best method of installing apps with no signal whatsoever, on a usb connetion? It seems ive tried everything, Iphone browser lets me copy apps into the right folder and everything and iCommander lets me change permissions to 0755 (even tried (0777)) but the only thing that happens is the app shows but will return to home screen instantly. Oh and i tried some guys own "automatic" program and it totally didnt work (had to reload all apps from itunes i had on).

    3. How do I increase the volume? ive tried the volume booster and i am not willing to put holes in my speaker.

    4. Does bluetooth work with other phones? i tried to connect with friends and i cant connect, so is it just for headsets?

    5. Can I (how do i) add sources to Cydia to get more stuff, and whats the best ones? like ive added iClarified and sources that cydia already gives me but i just want MORE

    6. How do I make ringtones from my own songs? I have tried alot of things here also to no prevail. I think its cuz im running 2.0.2 but once again not sure.

    Well I know that was alot to read but I appreciate those of you that took the time to do so. Hopefully someone knows the answer(s) to my giant ball of confusion.
    2008-09-12 01:21 AM
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    1. YouTube will work on Edge but its horrifically slow and useless.

    2. What your doing for installing apps with no signal is correct. Make sure the ENTIRE folder you copy over has correct permissions (i always use 775, but 777 will also work), most importantly you have to realize that not every app may be compatible to whatever firmware version you have.

    3. Volume is what it is. No concrete secret to fix. However, taking a pin (I know you dont want to) and NOT poking through your speaker but swabbing out the little speaker holes on the bottom of the iphone will make a great difference as they tend to get built up with lint/dirt.

    4. Bluetooth is headset only. Bluetooth is weak on the iphone.

    5. To add Cydia sources, just go into Cydia and goto the sources tab, click add. To find new sources you just gotta search around, theres plenty out there. There are also a couple of source bundles in Cydia (I think under "sources") you can download.

    6. For ringtones I like iRinger (google it, free, winpc) It will take your song, let you cut whatever part out you wanna use and then automatically stick it in Itunes under "ringtones" so all you have to do is sync.

    2008-09-12 01:48 AM
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    Welcom. As another person who got started modding Motos and found loads of help at Modmymoto, you will find the same here. Seems like you have a good start and seem like you have done your homework. Have fun with your iPhone!
    2008-09-12 04:28 AM
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    Haha exactly what I expected...a great community of people that help each other. I really appreciate it you guys. Ok no. 2 explains why my navizon app wasnt working, so what website would you recommend that I go to, to download apps that will work for 2.0.1(i dont have 2.0.2, I wasn't thinkin) and for no. 4 do you have any favorite sources?

    im currently cleaning out the lint from the holes in my iphones speaker and it appears that sound is only comin from the left one. normal?
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    2008-09-13 12:29 AM
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    I basically use the sources you can get from Cydia directly, there are a couple source bundles in Cydia you can install to give you more. If there's something I want but it isnt on Cydia I usually just SSH it to the phone, quicker for me than finding a source IF its available at all in Cydia.

    As far as a website for downloading apps, well....you looking at it. Between our downloads section and apps forum, you should find EVERYTHING that has been written for this beast of a phone.
    2008-09-13 12:33 AM