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    Just a question i am about to purchase an iphone of ebay and i have a few questions
    1. Does it matter which version i have in in terms of being unlocked.
    2. Are the iphones on ebay that are said to be unlocked, really unlocked to be used anywhere in the world or are they just unlocked from the AT&T contracts.
    3. Sorry , finally which version of Itunes must i have so i can connect my iphone my mac without it frying the iphone..

    Thanks in advance .
    2008-02-26 10:59 PM
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    i wish to know that as well!!! someone please help!!!!
    2009-02-02 01:13 AM
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    *2G&3G on 2.2 is fully unlockable
    *2G on 2.2.1 is unlockable.3G on 2.2.1 unlockable with yellowSnow 0.9.7.But you have to jailbrake it with pwnage tool on mac before yellowSnow.
    *You must use 8.0.x ITunes version also...
    2009-02-02 01:26 AM
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    ^^^beat me to the post!^^^ haha

    It does matter what version of the iphone firmware you have so you can unlock it. I belive if you have a 2.0 for sure, posible 2.1 frimware you can unlock it. If the firmware is 2.2 or 2.2.1 it wont be able to unlock.

    The unlocked iphones off ebay are unlocked for all cariers but i have herd that once you update your iphone in the states they have been known to relock them selfs and if the firmware is higher than 2.1 you wont be able to unlock it until the devteam breaks it.

    As to the question about itunes it really dose not matter. I use the latest version of itunes and my phone is unlocked!

    Hope this helps. let me know if you have any more questions....
    Sent from my iPad
    2009-02-02 01:27 AM
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    If you are looking to use an iPhone, and want to make sure that you will not have a problem with using other carriers other than AT&T, your best bet is to purchase the first generation iPhone.

    The first gen iPhone has an unlocking method that CANNOT be "re-locked" through a firmware (more specifically BASEBAND) updated.

    Unfortunately, by choosing the first gen iphone, you will be losing out on the second Gen Iphones 3G network and GPS. But, choosing the 2nd Gen phone... there is a constant worry of updating the firmware and baseband, which will probably end up locking your phone back up

    So, you have to decide.... not having to worry about being relocked (1ST GEN), with having 3G and GPS (2ND GEN)

    Personally, I think it will be more beneficial for you to get a 2nd Gen Phone that is unlocked. Use that and do not upgrade your Firmware. the 2.1 and 2.2 firmwares are very stable and very functional.

    also, there is always time involved. when the 2nd gen iPhone was introduced it was NOT unlockable... but the Dev Team is SMART AND PERSISTENT. and with time they were able to figure out an amazing patch...

    So, there is always the POSSIBILITY of future Firmwares and Basebandsd being unlocked.

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    2009-02-02 07:08 PM