1. Heaiser's Avatar
    Just a quick FYI to those thinking about purchasing iBlacklist. I found out via an email chain with them today that if you have to exchange your iPhone with Apple due to a defect they are unwilling to help you get a new license. In this day in age I find that to be completely unacceptable as far customer service goes.

    I know it is only 8 bucks but I refuse to pay for it again and urge that people be prepared for this. All they offered me was a half assed apology and a frown face. So, I guess buyer beware.

    On the bright side the folks at Intelliscreen offered a link to automatically transfer your license from one phone to another.
    2008-10-14 01:14 AM
  2. one1's Avatar
    That's horse sh............. Mcleaner is better anyway.
    2008-10-14 04:00 AM
  3. Heaiser's Avatar
    That's horse sh............. Mcleaner is better anyway.
    Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this is unacceptable. I'll have to try Mcleaner out, I had not heard of that one. These guys at iBlacklist are pretty shady, guess you have to be careful what you buy when it isn't sanctioned by Apple. Because of these guys I won't be so quick to purchase unsanctioned 3rd party apps.

    I'm really, however, impressed with Intelliborn and the guy that made Chronus.
    2008-10-14 04:50 AM
  4. almolah's Avatar
    Yup they are full of BS and their behavior is the reason why some people use cracked Cydia Apps! Same things goes for SmartDialer+
    2010-09-19 08:02 PM
  5. CaptBojank's Avatar
    Old thread but no matter. I has to exchange my 3g under warenty about six months ago and a quick email to the author of iBlacklist got me a new key. If you're nice and ask them, it's usually cool.
    2010-09-19 08:56 PM
  6. HighLife's Avatar
    there is a huge thread on another forum about this.

    Its really a 50/50 shot you get the new license...some people dont get it, some people do.

    I would wait for mCleaner to come to iphone 4 or if you use a 3G/S use that. IMO mCleaner was a better app.
    2010-09-20 08:46 PM