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    When I hit home in Finder, I only see the Library and Media folders. I believe my phone is jailbroken as I've run iBrickr (that jailbreaks your phone right?), but it seems like Finder treats /var/root/ as root... How do i resolve this issue?

    By the way, in MobileTerminal, I can go to everything... (root contains: Applications, bin, etc, sbin, var, Library, cores, mach, tmp, System, dev, private, usr) and also Finder starts in Applications, but once I go to root (the Finder "Home" button) theres no way to navigate back, I can only hit the "Back" button to return to the Applications folder.
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    2007-09-04 12:14 PM
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    Go in to finder and do this:

    Startup: /
    Show Hidden files: On
    Application Launch: Off
    Executable Launch: On
    Protect System files: Off

    and if you want to edit you SpringBoard Strings put this in at the bottom in the text area.


    I would download text edit it will come in handy
    2007-09-04 04:20 PM
  3. unclear's Avatar
    hrm, i think that worked... the protect system-files was the flag that does it i think

    hmm... Ok, so still kinda wierd... If i hit "Home" now, I takes me to /private/var/root/, but from there (as long as protect system-files is turned off) i can hit "Back" a few times to get to the real root.. Is there anyway to make it so the "Home" button takes you to the real root?
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  4. greenmymac's Avatar
    you should be able to hit back until ur at the /
    2007-09-05 04:59 AM
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