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  1. dayloon's Avatar
    What's happend to ripdev ? With the first iphone they came out with installer which was a very stable and excellent product. They also released Kate (or caterpiller as it was then). At the time that was also an excellent product, i even paid for an unlimited license.

    Now with the 2.x firmware they have released the new installer which lets face it, is a complete piece of crap. I even removed it from my iphone last week. Cydia urinates on installer from a great height. Don't get me started on Kate, it's basically a utility which you install and then 30 minutes later find yourself having to do restore your phone because it screws everything up - it's the buggiest junk every released. They don't bother answering support questions anymore and their website is updated about once a month.

    What happened to the good products they once came out with ?
    2008-10-21 05:41 PM
  2. zurie's Avatar
    well... installer was created by another company, not rip dev. apptap or null river or soemthing?

    so all ripdev ever made was catepillar which was cool on OS 1.0 when I had reflecting icons, but sucked after it forced me to do a system restore 1 week into having it.
    2008-10-21 07:57 PM
  3. Renblade's Avatar
    Perhaps they should just give up.
    2008-10-21 10:52 PM
  4. jrentzke's Avatar
    Ripdev took over (bought?) Installer from Nullriver and modified/enhanced it. Kate worked well for me pre v2.0, but now Installer / Kate are the only two apps that will cause an endless apple logo reboot for me. I don't know why they can't respring Springboard WITHOUT deleting the icon cache. Cydia can, everybody else can, but they don't...
    I've paid for the full Kate, and it's a pity that they are not addressing these problems, but to avoid pulling my hair out, I had to un-install it. I never use Installer now either.
    2008-10-22 02:11 PM
  5. vngsinha's Avatar
    Cydia urinates on installer from a great height.
    2008-10-22 10:05 PM