1. coachballfirm's Avatar
    What do i do in shh so that i can see stuff i download from dtunes in pawnplayer.. I read that someone here did it and it worked like a charm but i cant seem to find his thread and search like nuts..thanks in advance for any help..
    2008-11-14 01:37 AM
  2. cricketlang's Avatar
    so what you need to do is find out which directory your dtunes downloads are going to. then go into pwnplayer and go to settings in the first tab and set the directory to be the same as the one dtunes is downloading to. Then it should work fine when you hit browse in pwnplayer. if you need more help than that just ask and i will post some actual screenshots but dont want to do it if this helps.

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    2008-11-15 01:54 AM
  3. bmxtreme's Avatar
    i don't know about the complexity you're talking about, but under settings, just point your "FileSystem Root Dir" to "/var/mobile/Library/Downloads"

    Click on the "File System" icon at the bottom and you will see your downloads.

    Yeah. Hit THANKS for me..
    2008-11-15 08:58 AM
  4. coachballfirm's Avatar
    thanks guys going to try this out now..
    2008-11-16 12:56 AM
  5. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    You should create a symlink between the folders. That way you can access all of your music whether it is from iTunes, Mewseek, or dTunes. I made a thread on the forum somewhere that explains how to do it.
    2008-11-17 03:25 PM
  6. coachballfirm's Avatar
    can you please post the link to this thread i would love to check it out..
    2008-11-17 03:31 PM
  7. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    can you please post the link to this thread i would love to check it out..

    That will create a folder within the filesytem on PwnPlayer so your dTunes music shows up.
    2008-11-17 03:33 PM
  8. dieselboy27's Avatar
    Can I change the directory that dtunes uses to play stored files? I want to use var/mobile/media/downloads instead, because I like meewseek for downloading songs but would like to play them in dtunes.
    2008-11-25 07:53 PM