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    I remember it worked at one point, but now after I select the file (both a JPG and PNG) and hit email it stops at a black screen. I tried a RTF file and while it paused at the black screen it did continue on. Niether of these graphics are particularly large.


    So I got rid of the spaces in the filename and now the image sends through. Any of the developers care to comment on this?
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    2007-09-06 01:45 AM
  2. Zen_Azazel's Avatar
    I had the same issue. Seems like it doesnt take filenames with empty spaces.
    2007-09-06 02:09 AM
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    Also, do yourself a favor. Dont let your phone go into lock while uploading. Mine locked up for 30 mins before i could shut off.
    2007-09-06 02:14 AM