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    I decided to follow this post when restoring my 8GB 3g and I thought the memory meter on hood was really cool so I decided to check memory usage for some common apps. I followed the method in the linked post and installed ssh and hood. Here's what I found so far:

    all measured immediately after reboot:

    avail mem Hood/SSH installed - 51 MB

    add winterboard (no theme) - 48 MB

    add beautiful 2 theme w/radiance icons - 48 MB

    add categories (2 folders) 45.5 MB

    add irealsms - 45.5 MB idle - running - 40 MB

    remove irealsms add mysms - 45 MB idle - running - 40 MB

    Kind of interesting, Winterboard was about what I figured and categories was less than I had guessed. I also thought mysms used a more memory than ireal but its about the same.

    Getting late, maybe I'll do some more tomorrow, I thought it was pretty cool data though so here it is.
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