1. phatcamaro's Avatar
    Question one;

    for some reason everytime i get a new app whether from cydia or app store after the respring my phone goes into safe mode. its an easy fix with the respring app, but i feel it cant be good for the phone always going to safe mode. what would cause this? my only guess is intellscreen 2.32 because after i get out of safe mode its turned off.

    Question two;

    Is it possible to permanitly change the line in the mail app that is by default Sent from Iphone? can it be done using the Springboard.strings file.


    Im sure theres nothing i can do with it, but after visiting a site that required flash it brought up a message saying this site requires flash would you like to download. Assuming adobe finally created flash for the iphone i said yes. It took me to their site and actualy downloaded the file to my iphone. Now its sitting in my downloads folder in a zip file. would it be possible to unzip this file to work or did it just download it because i have the safari plug in.
    2008-11-29 12:41 AM
  2. nighthawk311's Avatar
    1. Not sure on the first problem.
    2. Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar, then scroll down to "Signature". Change it to whatever you want.
    3. Flash for the iPhone is not available yet. It only downloaded because of your download plug-in.
    2008-11-29 01:02 AM
  3. cricketlang's Avatar
    question 1: usually happens when you have alot of processing running that are using mobile substrate. maybe a theme or some application hogging it up

    Question 2

    the string is actually just located in your mail settings in the settings app. its your mail signature. youll find it there/

    Question 3

    there is no flash for the iphone nor does flash download in a zip. i have no idea what happened with that. you can use the download plugin to download stuff and then just ssh into your phone and open it up on your computer but nothing to do with flash yet.
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    2008-11-29 01:03 AM