1. Boosty's Avatar
    Anyone else seem to be having problems with their finger inadvertently triggering the starburst to open and a program to immediately launch? Even after only a half of a split second of their finger being just near the starburst?

    I seem to have the biggest problems when using safari, in portrait mode and trying to switch between pages, and also when using the voicemail button in the phone area,

    and occasionally when typing in the Notes application, or in SMS, trying to hit the RETURN key seems to end in a 50% chance of the dock engaging and launching some other program...which of course quits the current program I was in.

    but it also seems to be near IMPOSSIBLE for me to trigger the "traffic" button in the Maps application, and even more so when using Apollo IM, to hit the SEND button. This is the biggest problematic application since opening another program while in apollo IM signs you offline.

    Also, and this may be just me, but it seems there are several times I end up getting the Dock to launch when I don't want it to, and I'm just on the home screen, trying to get the bottom right hand dock button to launch.....and yet other times it ends up taking me 4-6 tries to get the Dock to launch when I want it to.

    I just wanted to throw this out there as I love Dock, and think it is possibly the best program available for the iphone right now, aside from installer.app And I just wanted the developers of Dock to know that there are still these little bugs to work out, and to keep at it!
    2007-09-07 12:55 PM
  2. Patzke's Avatar
    Dont have that problem, at all. But on the other hand - I have the biggest problem getting it to come up. :P
    2007-09-09 07:32 AM
  3. suleiman's Avatar
    doesn't this discussion belong in the Native App Discussion thread? It's not really "announcing" a new native app.
    2007-09-09 07:56 AM
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    2007-09-09 09:59 AM
  5. Boosty's Avatar
    My bad, I was up pretty late that night and lost track of where I was
    2007-09-09 10:27 AM