1. Aesthetic816's Avatar
    Sorry if this topic comes up so much but i just wanted to get some quick help....sorry i didnt search the topic but ne way..here it goes...my ipod touch is on version 2.1 and i downloaded customize from cydia..and when i go to open it..the chicken comes up and then it sends me back tothe home page.. i heard that spicy chicken is not even bothering with hosting customize anymore...but i liked the face that u can customize everything..it was easy for me..people say winter board is easy to use but u cant like go in and change a slider or anything in specific..u can basically just download the whole system theme..or lockscreen theme..and keyboard themes..etc..but i wish winterboard worked like customize did....can anyone give me a link on how winterboard actually works and also i want to use the buuf2 theme but i want my own wallpaper of choice..i downloaded a bunch of wallpapers and i go to settings and then i go to wallpaper and i pick the one i want tobe the wall paper and i set it..but it doesnt show up...i clicked on the "user wallpaper" thing in winterboard but that doesnt work..idk what to do..help please! Thank you everyone in advance.
    2008-12-09 06:01 AM
  2. spazit101's Avatar
    Alright. Just gona first of say winterboard is way more powerful than customize. I don't even bother trying customize anymore. The trick to using it is that it sets everything up in a hiarchy. So if u want "user wallpaper" u check it and move it ABOVE the theme. Same goes for anything such as sliders. (you can download sliders) winterboard can do anything customize did. Hope this helped!! =)
    2008-12-09 02:27 PM