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  1. ohhcrapitstim's Avatar
    I promise to evaluate EasyWakeup with the free activation key and then post my review with all of the necessary requirements on this thread.
    2008-12-10 10:48 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar

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    2008-12-11 01:37 AM
  3. skb875's Avatar
    Actually this is probably not a bad idea for the dev. It has gotten a lot of negative comments for having to be strapped to your hand, but if someone did a review with pictures and what not showing how it was attached, I think it would be in the dev's best interest.
    2008-12-11 05:15 AM
  4. itzcoolz's Avatar
    this whole free evaluation only if you review the product sounds incredibly shady to me.

    i can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't just use the typical 15 day evaluation trial if they actually had faith in their product. If it actually worked, tons more people would try out the product if it had an evaluation period, and then many more users would buy the product.

    paying 15 bucks for a product that might work. not a smart idea
    2008-12-11 07:54 AM
  5. cricketlang's Avatar
    i said on the initial review of this that i would probably end up smashing my phone which is not a good idea at all. but the effort to do the evaluation is very kind
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
    2008-12-11 08:07 AM
  6. ohhcrapitstim's Avatar
    I'm going to be completely honest. I have tried using this app multiple times and it never worked for me. I did not strap it to my had because I do not have a case that allows me to do that. I would recommend it to anyone with a case who wants to try it, otherwise I wouldn't. It is a great idea though, just needs some work. I give a lot of credit to the developer.
    2008-12-18 05:26 PM

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