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    Why is it when BiteSMS is installed bosspref wifi no longer has any effect when you hit the on/off for wifi? If you uninstall bitesms, then bosspref wifi works normal again. (wifi on/off, good) when I re-install bitesms, bosspref wifi no longer works. (if wifi is on, stays on, if off, stays off) This seems to be a common problem if you google around a bit. The only work around is to use the normal settings, wifi on/off built into the native iphone.

    Ok so I thought maybe I should try another text program.
    I like irealsms features of being able to reply to an sms without having to close what ever app you have open at the time. (a small reply line appears in the popup) I don't really like how irealsms formats the look and feel of the fonts and messages though. Why does it force you to list the full first name last name and company name? Why doesn't hitting a new message default to the to line so you can take care of that first? (it defaults to the body of text to type a message) Also, when you do type a name in the to field, why doesn't it default to mobile numbers? It makes you scroll way down the list with contacts that have multiple numbers. I remember a few annoying things as well. The only feature I like about irealsms are, replying to text messages in the popups, and I also like how you can forward to text message via email.

    I think I'll go back to BiteSMS but now I'm not happy wifi toggle is broken in boss pref!

    Wow BiteSMS might add the iRealSMS features:
    Quick reply - biteSMS

    I also posted on the BiteSMS forum asking about the BossPress issue:
    BiteSMS breaks BossPref WiFi on/off toggle? iRealSMS is good but has other issues - biteSMS
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    just to point out my wifi toggle is broken in bossprefs, and i have never installed any alternative sms app (yet!)

    no big deal cos i dont turn it off, but just thought i'd point it out to you
    2009-01-05 02:16 PM

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