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    Okay.. this is really weird.. I am a pretty active iTouch modder and I'd began to think iTouch and iPhone was synonymous, so when i got this application for Xp called iPhone PC Suite, developed by a chinese company called 91 mobile, I was pretty delighted. It let me access my iPod through the USB, along with a huge array of features.
    However, then I realized my problem. My album art wasn't showing up on my Touch. This is what my hypothesis is: Since the software thought my Touch was a Phone, it must have altered the required files, and not finding a in the Applications directory... accidentally erased my artwork database, which was working fine before the incident. Now, I can't see much of a solution except getting a from someone with an iPhone, which I can't seem to find anywhere else.

    PLEEZZZ.. if u have an iPhone and are a frequent modder, get the iPod app off your phone, and put it upload it somewhere. If you have another solution or another diagnosis, feel free to reveal.
    2009-01-06 11:36 AM

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