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  1. niZmo v2's Avatar
    Hey, I'm having a problem with AIM and status notifier. I have backgrounder installed and have aim on auto background. When i get an IM I hear the sound and my phone vibrates but it doesn't show the icon in the status bar. Does anyone know how i could fix this?
    2009-01-31 05:12 AM
  2. yan_cha's Avatar
    Are you in the Chat page? which makes the app think that you've read the msg...
    2009-01-31 05:42 AM
  3. niZmo v2's Avatar
    nope it just not working correctly. I just deleted all the chats went to my buddylist got out of aim and locked the phone and IM'ed myself from my other sn and the same **** is still happening.

    does it work for anyone else?
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    2009-02-01 04:08 AM

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