1. sotrain's Avatar
    HI, I just got my unlocked iphone firmware 1.1.3 on T-mobile, but I have the following problems:
    1. After I setup Myfaves @tmobile.com, there was a question mark beside" change in progress", and I didnt see any changes on my phone. Also I logged back after 12hrs, the question mark was still there. That means I cant use myfaves in iphone? or I need to download some software into it?
    2. I have t-zone for 5.99 per month, and I set anp to wap.voicestream.com under EDGE, but I couldnt get connected. Do I need to install another software to fix it?
    Could someone help me with these issues in details please, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the time.
    2008-03-04 05:10 PM