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    Hi, just wanted to ask if can it be possible to adapt a java based program called "HTML2POP3" (www.baccan.it) to jiggy so that we can have an app that lets us forward our email from hotmail to yahoo, gmail or .mac so that we can get our email right there on the Iphone without having to a computer running a program 24 hrs. to forward emails????????

    if this is a stupid question then forgive me, I know nothing about programing.

    If it is possible, then could someone do it????

    2008-03-05 01:44 AM
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    sure it's doable!
    jiggy has all the tools needed to scrape an html page. I don't think any of the jiggyheads uses hotmail though!

    Join us on the jiggy mail list , http://groups.google.com/group/jiggyapp-devel and ask around!

    PS www.baccan.it seems to be the wrong url (or it's down)
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