1. Tracer785's Avatar
    hey guys i have an idea and im not sure if its been posted before but here it goes. i love all the apps that are coming out but there are so many of them there is no way to organize them...i was thinking with the use of summerboard we can input the use of folders to organize games, apps, web links, ect. I have tried and tried to put iswap v1 and v2 on my phone but it never works correctly....ive even gotten help from kennx and it still doesnt work so ive given up on that. I have 2 launchers installed but the same programs are in both and there is no wat to have them organized. i was thinking you can have the 12 default icons on the screen and then your 4 favorite 3rd party apps below the default ones. then below that using summer board scroll to folders or even custom made launchers for certain apps to organize everything. its just an idea...thanks in advance...and i hope to help in any way i can.
    2007-09-12 05:07 PM
  2. Erix18's Avatar
    for now i think you can use finder and put your apps inside a folder in there
    2007-09-12 07:26 PM