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    So i just downloaded and installed the NESapp and it was working fine. I installed a Legends of Zelda Special Edition rom which worked fine for a bit. After playing for a while and quitting i tried to reload the NESapp and it didn't work, it would open up a blank white screen and then go back to the main iphone interface. i ran iBrickr to view the roms and deleted anything that was in it then noticed there were two Zelda files one of which seemed like a save filee and i tried to delete them out of the /ROMs list and it wouldnt let me! I tried to run iFinder through the iphone as well to delete the files and it didnt work, is there any way i can manually override these files to delete them. im on a pc and use i brickr. if anyonee could pleasee help i'd appreciate it thankss
    2007-09-12 08:38 PM