1. SharkySharky's Avatar
    Has any one else noticed that with Clippy everything you Copy/Paste is just the subject line in your stack?

    I have launched Cydia but no upgrade is available(as of this writting)

    Any fixes or reports of an upgrade would be appreciated
    2009-02-17 02:53 AM
  2. mspieler's Avatar
    I too have experienced this. tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothing. tried to change date back to 2/4 and seemed to worked but I want a real fix.
    2009-02-17 03:36 AM
  3. mandude's Avatar
    i too have your problem that i got today on February 16!! i changed the date to February 15 and it works again i want a real fix too!!
    2009-02-17 03:44 AM
  4. lillewis51's Avatar
    right with ya. there was an update though to .95 but it still doesnt work
    2009-02-17 03:55 AM
  5. buffaloirish's Avatar
    I just installed the Clippy .95 update and she's DOA. Other than the fact that I can highlight text, the copy/paste popup texts are gone completely. Reboot, reinstall -nada.

    Come back Clippy, I miss you..

    Don't make me go hclipboard on your a$$...
    2009-02-17 04:09 AM
  6. Mp3Supply's Avatar
    once u have copy and paste and then you lose it.. its rather easy to freak out.. i had to go like 5 days without case the repo was down!!!.. . HELL!!!! i tell.. you.. . HELL!!!. .
    2009-02-17 04:14 AM
  7. tosbsas's Avatar
    yep dead here too

    2009-02-17 04:30 AM
  8. dallasnights's Avatar
    yep not working at all after 095 update, does not show up nuthin, bummer

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware
    2009-02-17 04:32 AM
  9. ceelo2008's Avatar
    What do u guys mean by u changed the date and that seems to work please explain to me thanks for your help
    2009-02-17 04:42 AM
  10. Salsero's Avatar
    i don't understand what's the point of the 0.95 update why ruin such a beautiful application

    it's not even mentioned what's new on the website
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    2009-02-17 04:44 AM
  11. tosbsas's Avatar
    if anybody knows how to go back to 094 - here are the files

    Attached Files
    2009-02-17 04:46 AM
  12. matt.superman's Avatar
    update .95 clippy has disappeared on my phone. Sadness
    2009-02-17 04:57 AM
  13. reznor9's Avatar
    this sucks
    2009-02-17 05:09 AM
  14. ceelo2008's Avatar
    Does anyone have version 0.93?
    2009-02-17 05:11 AM
  15. dirtybird1977's Avatar
    From what I've seen from the .95 update is that now you can simply touch and hold text for a prompt to copy text. I've tried it with SMS, entire emails can be copied by holding the message in the list view, notes are the same. If you choose to copy to stack it still says you need to upgrade though. I still haven't found a way to paste anything though. You can still double click and hold to highlight text but again I don't see anyway to paste.

    Edit: Holding the "123" button brings up the prompt to copy, cut, paste, stack. But, if you try to paste anything all it pastes is "Clippy Beta has expired. Please upgrade"
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    Dirty as I wanna be!
    2009-02-17 05:14 AM
  16. garlon's Avatar
    in 0.95 hightlight text to copy and then press the 123 key for 2 sec or so and uŽll get the copy option
    2009-02-17 05:15 AM
  17. Ichwohneinloche's Avatar
    Wait what is going on with clippy? I just tried to use it and I'm getting the expired MSG too? How do we fix this?
    2009-02-17 05:17 AM
  18. mastaq1's Avatar
    yeah but no paste look at your stack
    2009-02-17 05:18 AM
  19. tosbsas's Avatar
    delete the message and you are done

    I actually wokrs better now - keeps the window clean (:;-))

    2009-02-17 05:20 AM
  20. Salsero's Avatar
    thanks for the holding 123 tip but its still expired
    2009-02-17 05:22 AM
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